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Welcome to Creative Coton. Here is a listing of some of the artists and craftspeople who took part in our Creative Coton event last November.

Contact the artists directly if you are interested in buying any of their work. If you have any problems, email Emma at: or Carolyn at:


Rupert Andrews



Ditty Dokter 


Hollow ways

56cm x 70cm.  £75. Woven from wool, fleece, silk and found objects.

Welney Marshes

Welney Marshes

100cm x 45cm. £100. Woven from wool, fleece and silk


Mediterranean scene

20cm x 30cm. £75. woven from wool and fleece.

Tel: 07828 106242


Marilyn Hague



John Martin






Tel: 01954 210475
I live at 4 High Street next door to The Plough. I have a covered porch where the items can be viewed, albeit I will need to bring them out of the house.
I would like to offer 10% of the sale price to the Village Hall Fund.


Helen Moss

I’ve been making vaguely useful items out of fabric, trying to recycle clothes and offcuts from other projects whenever possible – although I can’t resist lovely shiny new material. I like to put things together in a patchwork effect – partly because it makes use of smaller pieces of fabric, but also because I love the process of mixing different colours and patterns in new ways. I also love having a back-story for each piece of fabric I use.

Thank you to all the kind people of Coton who responded to my appeal for old clothes and other fabric to use for my projects. I received all sorts of wonderful things – from jeans to jumpers to cottons, cords, curtains, silk scarves, dresses, tablecloths, duvet covers and everything in between. You may spot something that you donated appearing in these creations. Or it may be that your fabric is now filed away in my “fabric library” waiting for its time to shine! I was going to list you all here, but it got to the point where there were so many names that I was worried I was going to miss someone out. So, please accept a big collective group thank you instead – (and discounts on listed prices!)

Please have a look around my gallery of ‘creations’ on Flickr

If you would like to buy anything (or just chat about sewing and ideas for what I can make next!) please contact me via e-mail: helen.moss

PS.  When I’m not messing about with bits of material, my day job is writing books for children. If you would like a signed book to give as present for Christmas, please get in touch – I’ll do my best to order it in and sign it for you in plenty of time. (My author website is  if you’d like more information about the books).

Bowl Covers


Over twenty different designs available – see the collection on Flickr  for the full range

Price: £12 for a set of three.

Straight out of Grandma’s Pantry!  There’s something old-fashioned – in a good way – about putting a cloth cover on a bowl of fruit or bread dough. They’re really useful for keeping leftovers in the fridge for a day or two, and so much better for the planet than cling film. They’re also surprisingly handy for students living with a shared fridge/kitchen cupboards – perfect for keeping your housemates off your leftover curry/last slice of pizza/half-eaten tub of hummus.

I’ve made them in sets of three co-ordinating (but not identical) covers, with a large (20-24 cm diameter/ mixing bowl or dinner plate size), medium (approx. 15 cm diameter/cereal bowl size) and small, (approx 10 cm diameter/small tub/tin/jar size).  The elastic is quite stretchy, so measurements are flexible here, but they are essentially Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear porridge bowl sizes.

Each cover is made up of three layers of cotton (and some polycotton/linen) fabric, for extra sturdiness, and is washable at 40 c (quite possibly hotter, but I’ve checked at 40). The fabric is a mixture of re-purposed garments, tea towels etc (you may well recognise pieces if you’ve given me fabric!), as well as some scraps of new material from other projects. It’s all been washed, of course! The covers are reversible, but have an obvious upper side, featuring a pre-used button.

If there’s a particular colour scheme or theme you’d like, but don’t see in the gallery, let me know and I can make new ones to order.

Pin Cushions


Lots more colours available –For the full range see the collection on Flickr

Cute little stuffed buttoned pincushions made with tiny scraps of new and used fabric, and with denim bases. Approximately 10 cm diameter. Price: £6 each



Lots more patterns and colours available in various sizes. For the full range see the collection on Flickr 

If anyone is still looking for fabric masks, I have plenty left. Two layers of cotton fabric with interfacing in between and adjustable elastic ear loops,  with co-ordinating pouches that can be clipped onto a belt loop, handbag strap etc.  Sizes are shown on the photographs.

£10 for a set of two masks with pouch, £6 for one mask with pouch.

I’ll donate 50% of all proceeds from facemasks to a charity of your choice.

Christmas Decorations


For the full range see the collection on Flickr 

Fabric Christmas tree decorations – in the shape of Christmas trees. Some are made from old ties. All have cinnamon sticks for trunks so they smell like Christmas too (and in an emergency, you can add them to the mulled wine!).    Price: £4 each.

Padded Saddle Covers


 For the full range see the collection on Flickr 

When I was very kindly given a big supply of cotton wadding that had been used for insulating home deliveries of chilled food, I decided to make a cushion for my bike. After a bit of experimenting, I sandwiched the wadding between layers of water-resistant fabric (cut from an old shower-curtain, or waterproof trousers, or kite material). The outer layers, are made from a mix of pre-loved materials (cord trousers, jeans, curtains, skirts, shirts . . .) and some new offcuts.

The covers are reversible so you can decide which design to have on show.  They are mainly just to look pretty and to add a bit of padding, but they also provide some degree of rain protection. They are not completely waterproof (if left out in a downpour they will soak up water) but they are damp and shower resistant. If you leave the saddle cushion on the bike outside in a shower, the top layer will get wet, but as long as it’s not soaked through, you can turn it over and the underside will be nice and dry. They are also particularly handy if you have the kind of saddle that collects water underneath which then squirts out when you sit on it (mine does!) – put one of these cushions on and you don’t get a soggy bottom.

At the risk of sounding like a Pampers advert, these cushions provide comfort and dryness!

The covers are adjustable – pull the elastic tight to fit and fasten with the toggle at the back. There is also a flap that goes over the nose of the saddle, and Velcro straps that can be fastened underneath.

The ones I’ve made so far are all spoken for, but if you’d like to order one, let me know. Price TBC


Marilyn Treacy

People can look at my work on my new Etsy site called traceofgold1 created during lockdown. They can also look at my work on Instagram@traceofgold1

Marilyn Treacy

There’s a sale of 20% off purchases on the Etsy site till Sunday 29 November. I will offer Coton residents 20% off until Christmas if they buy direct rather than buy off the Etsy site. They should email me at:

If, come December, rules regarding Covid restrictions allow it, potential customers can email to arrange to try jewellery on outside the house in a safe way. I have items additional to those on Etsy and can make some pieces to order.


Penny Price


This archival quality print of an artichoke in flower, done in pen and ink, comes mounted.
Dimensions: height 24cm, width 20cm. Price £39.
Mounted, archival quality limited edition print of a watercolour painting of a red onion.
Dimensions: height 35cm, width 30cm. Price £85.Bee-card
Bee Card
£2 each with envelope, blank inside for your own message.
£1 to be donated from sale of each card will go to support our Pollinators appeal.
Penny Price, 1 Sadlers Close


Carolyn Postgate

Illuminated Letter L

Copy of illuminated initial letter from the medieval manuscript Lansdowne MS 451 in the British Museum, created in about 1420 AD. The letter is hand-painted with gouache paints on vellum and is gilded with 23¾ carat gold leaf.

The little letter is mounted on cream card which fits a 15cm square frame.

Available letters (there is only one of each): A, B, D, F, H, I, L, M, O, R, T Price £20 each

Order from Carolyn Postgate, 5 Whitwell Way
Tel: 01954 211033


Gina K Youens


Amazonite, Pearl and silver clasp necklace £38


Amazonite, Pearl and silver earrings. £14


Turquoise necklace £36

Sewing kit

Liberty print Sewing Kit £10


Liberty print overnight set £9.50


Hand painted card: Snowberry the sheep, blank inside £3.

Tel: 07703246481


Pyramid Bean Bags

Do you have trouble holding your phone or ipad/tablet at the right angle for Zoom, Face Time, Skype or WhatsApp calls? This pyramid-shaped bean-bag is the ideal solution!

It can be used on table or lap and can also be used to prop up books for hands-free reading, or as a snooze pillow for a quick ziz….

It’s a really useful gift for all ages. Margaret Skempton is happy to sew pyramid bags to order for £5 each, which will be donated to either Coton Church or the Village Hall.



Choose from the following materials and email your order (with your name, email address and preference for the donation) to Carolyn at and she will let you know when it’s ready for collection. Margaret is happy to make a bean bag from your own material if you prefer. Contact Carolyn if you need more information.







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