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Facebook users are being targeted at the moment with offers of 100% free government backed scheme to install solar panels. The message mentions Coton, is quoting a so-called Coton resident in their testimonials, and includes a photo of a real Coton house with solar panels. The resident of that house has told us that they have no connection with this company.

The message doesn’t give any details about the company promoting this, and uses words like:

“Local residents funded solar panel scheme.”

“Claim your funding today and cut your energy bills in half.”

“Get paid the feed in tariff! No upfront costs”

“Claim your solar funding today with ZERO up front costs”

“We have just opened up in Your from April 10th. Homeowner? Simply check your postcode for availability”

As far as we can tell this seems to be a scam, and should be avoided.

If you are interested in having solar panels installed, contact Carolyn Postgate of eCoton ( for impartial advice.

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