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CBAG (Coton Busway Action Group) has set up a website where you will find much more infor
mation about the Cambourne to Cambridge busway plans.

Click here to sign the petition.

In October 2016, despite massive public opposition, the Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board selected the southerly off-road route (Option 3/3A) as the preferred option for a busway between Cambourne and Cambridge, with a huge Park & Ride site on Madingley Hill near the Madingley Mulch roundabout (Crome Lea farm). The off-road busway route would skirt the north side of Coton, close to residential properties, through the 100-year-old Coton Orchard, before crossing the M11 motorway over an expensive new bridge. It would then plough through the West Fields to end up on Grange Road. The whole project is estimated to cost an eye-watering £207.8 million. And there are other options available.

We oppose the Park & Ride at Crome Lea because:

  • It will ruin the Coton Corridor, forever eliminating the rural setting of Western Cambridge
  • Being on a hilltop location, the site will be visible from across Cambridge
  • It has poor road connectivity so will not get enough people out their cars
  • The location could increase flooding problems for Coton
  • This site will be redundant when the Girton Interchange is upgraded to an all-ways junction as part of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

We oppose the southerly off-road busway (known as Option 3/3A) because:

  • It is environmentally destructive – of all considered options, this option has the highest forecast increase in C02 and NOx
  • This route will lead to the destruction of the much-loved Coton footpath/cyclepath with its dedicated traffic-free bridge over the M11
  • It is too expensive. An on-road bus lane down Madingley Rise could be provided at a fifth of the cost
  • It represents poor value for money with a benefit-to-cost ratio (BCR) of only 0.2; the Treasury normally requires a BCR of over 2 for infrastructure projects
  • It will ruin the Coton Corridor and West Fields, forever eliminating the Green Belt setting of Western Cambridge.

The public was not properly engaged in the design process for this project. Massive public opposition to this route was only given a 4% weighting in the options selection process. We now demand that the City Deal listen to local residents.

Please sign this petition and forward it to your friends and neighbours.

Click here to sign the petition.



  1. I’m curious as to the evidence supporting the statement: “This route will lead to the destruction of the much-loved Coton footpath/cyclepath with its dedicated traffic-free bridge over the M11″

    I use this bridge on my cycle commute to work, (which is how I was made aware of this action group via signs placed there). I note that the bridge itself and the paths leading up to it on ether side are poorly maintained and would benefit from surface improvements and solar powered lighting such as has been used on all the new cycle routes around Cambridge. I find it hard to imagine that if the bridge was replaced for a busway the right of way for walkers and cyclists would not be maintained. Is that really the case (as the signs are clearly intended to imply), or should the statement read. “Unnecessary replacement of the M11 bridge to enable busway in addition to pedestrian and cycle traffic?”

    All the other busway projects (although obviously misguided) have included parallel cycle infrastructure which has been of high quality and I use regularly around Cambridge. What information has lead the action group to believe that will not be the case here? I don’t agree with the bus way in general however claiming that it would be a determent to the pedestrian and cycle infrastructure when it may in fact result in an improvement will not help the case.

  2. Sally Bott says:

    My response is personal, and not intended to represent the action group’s position. I think the statement is intended to highlight the rural character of the current footpath and bridge. Personally, as a regular user of th Coton footpath, I woudl hate to see it replaced with a cycleway adjacent to a rapid busway. Sadly, the neglected state of the current footpath/cycleway probably makes this alternative appear more attractive to some. However, I suspect many regular users have no wish for an urbanised lit cycleway,though we would love to see a tiny fraction of the proposed busway costs spent on keeping the path better maintained. It seems likely that the provision of a modern walking/cycling route will be used as justification for building over the current greenbelt, including Coton Orchard and fields on either side of the motorway.

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