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Richard Bowler (Clerk), Newmarket T: 01638 731300 E:

Mark Abbott (Chairman, Playgrounds), High Street T: 211233

Gabriel Fox, (Vice Chairman, Recreation Ground, Transport/City Deal/M11, Finance, HR, QTSQ Representative) High Street T: 210435

Helen Bradbury (Transport/City Deal/M11, QTSQ Representative), The Footpath T: 210419

Karen Chandler (Grass cutting, Sports Pavilion), Sadler’s Close T: 210186

Katy Edgcombe (Footpaths), St Peter’s Road T: 210635

Sara Godward (Highways, HR, Communications), Cambridge Road T: 210659

Carolyn Postgate (HR, Allotments, SPEP and Rec Ground Trust Chair), Whitwell Way T: 211033

Roger Tomlinson (Trees), Cambridge Road E:

Marilyn Treacy (Playgrounds), High Street T: 211406





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