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Coton Through the Ages was originally written by Kathleen Fowle in 1992, with additional articles provided by villagers and friends. In this second edition, published in 2012) many new illustrations, maps and photographs have been included. Some of the original research has been updated and the new information is included in footnotes on the relevant pages. Some sections have been expanded and new sections have been added: the 1571 Survey of Coton, the 1802 Enclosure map and award, the clergy of St Peter’s Church, the story of Joshua Waterhouse and Chapter Nine – Coton in the Second Decade of the 21st Century.


All proceeds to St Peter’s Church, Coton

To order a copy please contact:

Carolyn Postgate 01954 211033, Julia Hall 01954 211723 or Elaine Storkey 01954 212381


  1. Hello, I am currently researching my grandmother’s early life, from 1930 to 1950 she lived at Coton Court. Family information is scant as she died in 1950 when my mother was a child. I was therefore most interested to come across Kathleen Fowle’s fascinating book which I came across in Cambridge library. I wondered if Kathleen or anyone else you might know in Coton might have any memories, information or suggestion about where I might find information from this period.
    Many thanks in advance,
    Helen Gravatt

  2. Is the location of Coton close to Tamworth, UK? Is there a public Library that catalogs family genealogies?
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Peter Walker says:

    I just out of interest put “coton cambridge” in Google, and saw your name. I spent several visits to Coton in the early 1950’s, and stayed with an elderly couple in the village. The lady was originally a Childerly, and her husband had a good job at one of the colleges. Her brother, named Syd Childerley worked at the Home Office store on Madingley Road, where I was a visiting Stores Officer on stocktaking duties. I also played darts as part of the pub team at the pub in the village.
    Perhaps Syd Childerley was a relative of yours?
    Best regards

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