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Consultation on the Local Plan for Cambridge City Council closes on 27th July 2012.  This is an opportunity to influence the decision making of the City Council on where new housing and new services should be located.

The Local Plan is used to guide decisions on matters ranging from the location of housing, schools, parks and open spaces to the design requirements of new buildings. Policies in the Local Plan are used when decisions on planning applications are made.

Consultation on the South Cambridgeshire plan closes 28th September 2012.

Thanks to the hard work of our district councillor Francis Burkitt, and key people in each of the four local parish councils, we already have a joint vision The Quarter to Six Quadrant of how local people see the future of our villages. This will be used by the Parish Councils to respond, but may also be a useful resource for individuals to draw on.

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  1. The government require local authorities to interpret and apply the National Planning Policy Framework policies locally, and as such the council is taking a ‘jobs-led’ approach in deriving housing delivery targets as part of the planning for the Local Plan to 2030.

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